It all started in India

Momentum Global was born out of a reaction to the gritty work that Mahadeb Mondal was doing in the slums of Kolkata India.

Momentum Global emerged as a response to the impactful efforts led by Mahadeb Mondal within the slums of Kolkata, India. Witnessing the transformative work accomplished by Mahadeb in the lives of children and families, John DeYoung discerned a divine calling to join forces with his brother. Their shared mission became clear: to bring hope, love, and freedom to these underserved communities. Today, Momentum Global stands as a testament to its dedication and commitment to creating lasting positive change in the lives of those in need.



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Momentum Global provides education, food, medical support and develops sustainable community solutions for the families in Kolkata.

Momentum Global is a compassionate organization that offers comprehensive support to families in Kolkata. Our diverse range of services includes education, food assistance, medical support, community development, mentorship, and sustainable solutions tailored to the needs of the local community. The collaboration between Mahadeb Mondal and John DeYoung dates back to their fortuitous encounter in 2008. United by a shared vision, they embarked on their nonprofit journey together in 2014, dedicating their collective efforts to making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of those they serve.

Throughout their impactful collaboration, Momentum Global has experienced remarkable growth in their pursuit of bringing hope to Indian families. What began as a humble endeavor has swiftly expanded into a multifaceted organization. Today, Momentum Global operates over four schools, a football club, a women's empowerment program, and a comprehensive community development initiative. Additionally, their commitment to addressing critical needs extends to providing clean water access to underserved communities. With unwavering dedication, Momentum Global strives to implement genuine and sustainable solutions that bring about profound transformation in communities across India.

MOMENTUM GLOBAL IS A 501(c)(3)  Organization

Momentum Global Is Dedicated To Create Real Sustainable Solutions To Transform Communities.