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Our student support program

is to empower children, their families, and communities to help break the cycle
 and mindset of generational poverty.


Student Support Program

Our Student Support Program is strategically designed to empower children, their families, and communities, effectively breaking the cycle and mindset of generational poverty.

By extending support to a student, each contributor goes beyond merely providing education. They become instrumental in granting access to fundamental necessities, including food, clean water, child development opportunities, and healthcare services. Our program adopts a holistic approach that addresses the diverse needs of the children, their families, and the larger community.

Through this comprehensive initiative, we aim to create a positive ripple effect, lifting individuals and families out of poverty and transforming entire communities. By empowering children with education and essential resources, we envision a future where they can thrive and contribute meaningfully to society.

At the core of our Student Support Program lies the belief that every child deserves the chance to grow, learn, and succeed. With the collective efforts of compassionate supporters, we endeavor to pave the way for a brighter, sustainable future, fostering lasting change that goes far beyond the classroom. Together, we can break barriers, uplift lives, and build stronger, more resilient communities for generations to come.


A sponsored student will not receive the funds directly. 

Momentum Global stewards the sponsorship donation and allocates the funds to each child accordingly.  This process ensures that every student receives the necessary funds, and financial accountability is present.

  • Yes. When you become a student sponsor , you will receive a welcome package and personal student letter of introduction Momentum Global. 
  • You will receive a student update every quarter.  This update will inform you about your student and his or her progress throughout the year. 
  • Every year you will receive an updated picture of your student and their family with an annual progress report.  
  • We strongly encourage you to write or send a package  to your sponsored student(s) through Momentum India, and we will deliver it to your student. Students love to interact with their supporters and they treasure the letters and photos that are sent. 


Here are some safe and good ideas to send your sponsored student.

  • Pictures of you family
  • Pictures of your pets
  • Small school supplies, etc.
  • Pictures of your home, car, vacation cabin etc…
  • Pictures of your vacations, restaurants you eat at, parties, alcohol (be wise when you send pictures.)
  • Food or drinks
  • Medical supplies
  • Aspirin, ibuprofen
  • Etc.. 

What your Support Provides a Child:


Nutritious Food


Clean Drinking Water Filter

School Supplies

Family Development

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