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Coronavirus Stimulus Package

For millions of people in India, survival is dependant on a daily wage that provides for that day’s needs. A general working income for the parents of our school children is 100 rupees a day or $1.30. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of March, the stay at home order has eliminated daily work for individuals living in poverty, which means that they are unable to buy food. Millions of people living in slums and rural areas are currently facing starvation in a matter of weeks, if not days. The stay at home order was implemented on March 23rd and will last until April 24th at the earliest, leaving people without food just over four weeks.

In response, and with the help of one family here in Denver, Momentum Global completed one food bank for the people living in the Momentum School slum area. This foodbank provided one week’s worth of food supplies to over 2000 individuals. We are planning to do four more food banks for the children and families from our slum and village schools. We need your partnership to help fund our efforts to supply rice, daal, potatoes, and cooking oil for over 3,500 individuals. This coronavirus stimulus package will hopefully provide these families with about four weeks of food.

We also ask for your partnership in prayer as our Momentum Global staff navigates this difficult time. Social distancing and proper sanitation methods are not always possible in these circumstances, and we are praying for protection over the health and wellbeing of the Mondal family and every member of our team.

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