Name – Piyush Mondal.

Sex – Male

DOB – 2018/02/07

Age – 6 Years

Grade – Kindergarten

School – Momentum School, Kolkata.

Location:  West Bengal, India.

About Piyush:  

Piyush hails from a significantly impoverished family, and his education is dependent on sponsorship. His parents have a strong desire to educate him, but financial constraints hinder their ability to fulfill his dreams.

Piyush  lives with father Amit Mondal ( Occupation: Driver) his mother Tumpa Mondal (Occupation: House Wife).

Piyush dedication to education and his potential for a brighter future make his an excellent candidate for sponsorship, providing him with the opportunity to pursue him academic aspirations and break the cycle of poverty.

In the short years working together to bring Hope to the Indian Families, Momentum Global has exponentially grown to more than 4 schools in the slums, and 2 schools in the villages, a football club, a women empowerment program, a community development program and to provide clean water to the communities. Momentum Global is dedicated to creating real sustainable solutions to transform communities in India.


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MOMENTUM GLOBAL IS A 501(c)(3)  Organization

Momentum Global Is Dedicated To Create Real Sustainable Solutions To Transform Communities.