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What is Momentum Global?

Momentum Global is a social cause-funding platform that empowers international communities to join together through specialized Projects to BE the Impact.

Through these Projects, we equip and empower leaders and communities all over the world and in all nations – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender. We have a deep conviction and calling to work alongside the impoverished and oppressed to help restore dignity as we lead them into spiritual, emotional, and physical independence and freedom.

Our Mission

The Momentum Global mission is to transform the way that humanitarian problems are solved around the world by uniting, developing, and equipping leaders to create stable, sustainable, and independent communities.

Our Projects

The Momentum Global Projects are specialized, collaborative programs that provide direct action on communities in need. Through these Projects, you can change the lives of a whole community forever.

The Projects represent humanitarian and social Impact Causes all over the world. Through these Projects, you can build your identity by directly impacting these causes, connect with other passionate friends and leaders, and partner with these communities to BE the Impact – all over the world.

We collaborate with community leaders to determine how to stabilize, sustain, and grow their communities and ultimate independence, while leveraging the strengths and assets of that community towards their goals. We partner with existing organizations and individuals to provide holistic and empowering solutions for these communities in need, while helping them achieve long-term sustainability and independence.

Each Project is designed with 3 phases:


Immediate needs are identified and solutions are developed. The basic necessities of life, such as food, water, and medical supplies are consolidated before we can begin to build long-term solutions.


We commit resources to invest in and develop long-term, sustainable solutions for food, water, and medicine, and develop programs that add to the growth of the community such as education and microfinance.


We believe that when independence is established, dignity is restored. Our goal, therefore, is to bring strategies that lead to independence and freedom for the people we are serving.

It isn’t enough just to dump resources into a community and believe this solves the problem – we unite, develop, and mobilize leaders in that community to take full ownership of the assets to build a stable, sustainable, and independent community.

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