Sex Trafficking
USA, Costa Rica, India, Nepal

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Sex Trafficking

    Human sex trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery. Millions of people around the world are subjected to it. Those who are victimized include babies, children, teenagers, women and men. Momentum Global is working to eliminate exploitation and victimization of those who are vulnerable, including slavery, prostitution, forced services, and sex trafficking.

    We helped create and currently sponsor the annual SHIFT Justice Conference in the US, along with the monthly SHIFT Connect meetings. We’re partnering with organizations in Costa Rica, India, and Nepal that are tirelessly working to help restore the freedom and dignity of sex trafficking victims. And we need your help!

BE the Impact

    Become an Impact Partner today. With your gift, you can provide life-changing community support and other essential care, and help end Human Trafficking for good.

    Please help them and BE the Impact!

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