Health and Wellness
Fiji, India, Rwanda, Uganda, Costa Rica

Momentum Global provides you with a proactive and responsible way to support the Causes that speak to your heart — all around the world. Together, with your help, we create the Cycle of Change.

Health and Wellness

    While important progress has been made connecting patients to essential treatment, millions of people continue to die unnecessarily from AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and other treatable diseases. And access to critical medicines and diagnostics is often limited in resource-poor settings, resulting in dire consequences for some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

    Momentum Global is dedicated to meeting the basic health and wellness needs in lacking communities, by partnering with organizations to provide clean water, nutritious food, and life-saving medicines and vaccines. We develop local healthcare programs and wellness training, and help create community self-care plans and practices when services are not readily available. We continuously work to improve the quality of care for the sick and impoverished.

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