India, Rwanda, Uganda

Momentum Global provides you with a proactive and responsible way to support the Causes that speak to your heart — all around the world. Together, with your help, we create the Cycle of Change.

Community Development

    The United Nations defines community development as “a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.” Momentum Global takes it a step further by partnering with trusted community leaders and grassroots organizations to develop sustainable opportunities.

    We help meet the needs of the entire community and its citizens, through infrastructure, agricultural advancements, and educational programs and training. We work alongside these citizens in community work, developing small businesses, and micro-financing. Together we build schools and community centers, while introducing a life of serving others and giving back, with real, tangible impact.

BE the Impact

    Become an Impact Partner today. With your gift, you can provide life-changing education, development, and support to communities in need.

    Please help them and BE the Impact!

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