How It Works

We created Momentum Global because we want to impact lives. And to help kind, compassionate people like you make a positive impact in the lives of others. We join together with amazing project partners and grassroots organizations doing extraordinary things all around the world. We meet them, screen them, and make sure they’re legitimate and want to make a difference.

We free the oppressed and victimized from sex trafficking; provide life-saving food, clean water, and medicines; implement educational programs and training; help administer essential care to communities in need; build and develop communities; and give hope to the hopeless — all around the world.

Together, we can Love Globally and BE the Impact! And we need YOU!

Become an Impact Partner!

Do you want to free victims of Sex Trafficking and help restore dignity? Build a future for children in need, and provide life-saving food, clean water, and medicines? Help sponsor children and mission trips to serve those in need? Most importantly – do you want to give hope to the hopeless?

Discover the causes that matters to you and make a tax-deductible contribution. There are opportunities for regular monthly giving, one time donations, child sponsorship, and supporting mission and service trips.

Your gift provides direct, immediate action on those in desperate need. All gifts are appreciated and truly impactful!

Donate Now to Momentum Global

See the difference your involvement can make. Discover the amazing people we are supporting and hear their inspiring stories. Help change their lives forever. You can create the Momentum for Change!

Together We Are Changing The World.

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