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Kolkata contains over 4,000 slums, in which over 20 million families and children live. These slum children are some of the most impoverished in the world. Most children in the slums go to work between the ages of 3-4 to help provide for the families, sifting through street trash, begging for change, and picking up human or animal waste in the streets as their daily routine for for desperate survival. Without education, there is no hope for these children’s future.

Momentum Global is dedicated to educating over 70 children every week to provide them with a different choice, a new option, and hope for the first time in their lives. If you are inspired by our mission and passionate about the humanitarian causes we are supporting, we hope you’ll consider sponsoring a Momentum Global Child. Together, we can BE the IMPACT.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

We are proud to be partners with you in this journey for each and every child in our program. Your support will transform the lives of the students here in Kolkata, India. Your love will change the hearts of the children, and they will know that they are worthy and have the same opportunity to grow and become World-Changers.

Your support and partnership will provide each child with:

  • A new School Uniform, new backpack for school, and new pair of shoes each year
  • Health checkup every 2 weeks
  • Doctor and Nurses visit once a month
  • Nutritional Food for every day they are at school
  • Clean filtered water every day
  • All the school supplies and materials needed
  • Salaries for the two full-time teachers, one art teacher, and one dance teacher
  • Rent for the School Facility
  • Birthday gift for each child on their Birthday
  • Christmas Gift on Christmas
  • Quarterly updates
  • and more!

Thank you for considering being a difference maker in the lives of these children!

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